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we offer individuals as well as financial professionals and their clients nuanced investment models designed to capitalize on stock market opportunity


I would like to learn more about the Accelerator Model & it's performance.

our flagship model and the driver of our investment philosophy

We utilize over 24 years of experience through many market cycles to navigate economic and investment cycles with supporting quantitative, fundamental, & technical analysis.  

investment philosophy

Invested in Tomorrow


targeting opportunistic times within economic cycles to overweight market leaders in semiconductors, industrials, and consumer discretionary

Focused on Growth


seeking tomorrow’s leaders in the following sectors:  AI, genetic therapeutics, green energy, green transportation, digitization, cybersecurity, and blockchain technology  | investing in more traditional secular growth companies within technology & healthcare





In Pursuit of Value


pursuing companies on the verge of multiple expansion events  |  identifying an inflection in revenue growth, margins, and/or sector fundamentals that drive a rerating in terms of multiple

Downside Protection


opportunistic long positions in volatility in an effort to dampen overall volatility in a long-only portfolio





why grinnell capital?

With over 40 years of combined experience in portfolio management, business ownership, and executive leadership, Grinnell Capital was born with a mission to provide our investors the opportunity to live confidently.

We simplify investing by offering investors a straightforward, balanced approach to investing in market-leading companies. Blending innovative and traditional growth, value with a catalyst, and defensive measures, Grinnell Capital has created a strategy for investors as well as financial professionals and their clients. We have a thoughtful, intentional approach, and an unwavering pursuit of performance.

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